Humans beat robots in content writing

Creating content these days can be tough. Not everyone has enough free time on their hands or maybe even the creativity to do it on their own even though they need it. So what are their options? They might turn to content generators, artificial intelligence (AI), or even professional SEO copywriting services to do it for them. Many people will choose the fastest options because that is the motto these days – get everything done fast. However, this doesn’t mean that content generators and AI will be taking over.

Content Generators and AI – What Are They?

A brief breakdown before we jump right in.

Are you familiar with those “username generators” that take your name, your favorite color, maybe your favorite animal and create a username for you in seconds? Well, ideally that is what these content generators and AI tools do too.

They take content that already exists, rewrite it, maybe move some things around, and BOOM – new content. This content may come from multiple different sources and even social media. These generators search the Internet for similar content through topics or keywords that you specify, and they scrape up what they can find. That content may also need some spinning in order to be unique.

Generators That Have Worked Well In The Past

Companies that are mastering the “bot” technique.

There are many companies that hold onto their SEO copywriting services and utilize bots to improve sales or gain traffic to their sites. Here are some cases where it worked in their favor.

  1. Sephora: Have you ever wanted to find your perfect makeup look? If no, skip onto the next bullet point and maybe it will be more your style. Last year, Sephora partnered with KIK (the messaging app) to provide users with various beauty tips and product information. It was a way to start by providing potential clients with content and turn them into a consumer.
  2. The Orlando Magic: Whether you are a fan of this NBA team or not, chances are you know who they are. They recently started using Wordsmith in order to generate custom messages for users – both in-app and through email. This ended up boosting engagement and season ticket renewals.
  3. The Washington Post: The 2016 Rio Olympics was also the rise of “Heliograf”. This is an AI tool which generated short updates for readers based on the results of each event during the Olympics. The updates were posted on The Washington Post’s live blog and on their Twitter. The posts were also available through Alexa-enabled devices and Messenger. When it came to the Olympics, Heliograf generated updates that included a daily schedule of events, top medal tallies, results for the medal events, alerts for the start of events, and more.

Robots versus Humans

The qualities can’t compare.


Content generators and AI tools are on the rise. They are gaining popularity and most likely will continue to do so in the near future. However, those generators are nothing but robots doing the work.

What does that mean for you, as a writer? Should you be waving goodbye to SEO copywriting services and potentially your profession? Absolutely not. In fact, you have little to worry about.

These robots lack some key qualities that are important to have, especially when writing content. Some of the main things that bots lack are emotions, memories, and opinions. Those 3 things are what makes writing so interesting. Otherwise, you may be reading like a robot – which is not very interesting if you ask me.

Even the smallest posts generate some kind of emotion or tell a story that makes the readers connect, engage, share, and more. Robots don’t have that kind of effect.

This is exactly why human writers are irreplaceable. When writing is deeply human, it moves people much better than bare statements of facts.

Can It Ever Happen?

What does the future hold in regards to AI and content generators?

the future of AI

So if it is not happening now, then when? That might be the question that is running through your brain. While it CAN happen one day, it will be a very long time from now – at least in my opinion. Technology is advanced, but it is not that advanced yet.

It is an interesting topic to explore, and it is definitely something to keep your eye on as far as future advancements go.

Robots are great to use for technology and business; however, they can’t replace humans. For now, your job as a content writer is safe and your business providing SEO copywriting services will continue to be needed by many other businesses. In order for you to really start worrying, the robots have to start thinking like humans – which is a long shot for the near future.

What do you think about robots, content generators, and AI? Let me know in the comments below!