sharing is

Two words, three-letter difference, so what?
That, my fellow content writers, is the fine line between bad and bold.

Sure, it is no secret that the goal of blog sections is to show off what you know about your niche/industry and how valuable you can be to your… CLIENTS. Yes, blogs are there to educate people and convert them, so your time invested in writing awesome articles pays off in sales. HOWEVER, is it bad if you sometimes blog about things that can benefit your competitors?

Let’s see.

There Are Benefits

The answer is “bold”

For example, I recently wrote an article for the unexpected benefits of having cookie-cutter writing experience. Although I also targeted people looking for copywriters (and SEO content writing services), my main focus was on writers who, like me, began their careers with cookie-cutter content. Now, the natural question arises —

Why should I help the competition realize their strengths and leverage them against me?

No, I am not mother Theresa (although we share a similar name) and my intention is not world peace alone. Of course, it’s good to educate all kinds of audiences, sharing is caring and all, but to me, the main benefit of targeting your competitors is different. By addressing them through your content, you are essentially saying:

“I acknowledge you exist, I will not ignore you. In fact, I have something to teach you.”


It’s not about superiority either, although it sometimes shows exactly that. It is primarily about showing your clients you’re not afraid to share what you know with your rivals and that in itself makes you a more desirable choice for when they need your service. They choose the “teacher,” not the “student.”

What sharing insights with competitors also does is it makes your niche more competitive as you are giving away your “secrets” for everyone to use. To compete successfully, you will have to get more creative, more adaptive, more proactive so you can find new ways, “secrets,” to surpass the rest.

Increased competition paves the way to diversification. And that is a headache you need.

What is more, if you are convincing enough, your competitors can become your clients. No matter if they can’t handle their workload and need an extra pair of hands, or want to see how you do things better, they will still have to hire you.

Clients and business partnerships can come from the unlikeliest of places.

You may have the insights, but if you don’t have a writing team that is well-versed in SEO, your target audience may never get to read your blog. At 411Writers, we have both the writers and the SEO content writing services necessary to make your articles visible to as many eyeballs as possible. Just sayin’.

There Are Pitfalls

Nobody likes the know-it-alls

You don’t really want to sound like you’re preaching to your competitors. How do you avoid that? Choose the right tone of voice and bring actual value with your content. Your writers should know exactly who they are creating the copy for. Instead of buyer personas, think of them as competitor personas. Asking “So what?” after each statement is a must.

Well, that’s my fair share of boldness for now. What are your thoughts on sharing with the competition? Let me know!