Your app store listing always needs more attention and in my last blog post, I covered the importance of promo videos. Today, I’ll share the best practices and your ultimate must-haves for a great app store video that grabs people’s attention.

Users get accustomed to videos

People are becoming more and more and more used to videos, and I won’t be surprised if we start seeing video manuals for pretty much everything. When it comes to apps, this idea doesn’t even sound futuristic. Let’s see what you need for a great promo video that will boost your ASO for sure.

3 Musts for Your App Store Video

Whether you already have a video published or are about to create one, following these simple rules will most definitely help your ASO strategy.

#1. Make sure it looks good on a small screen!

With the technology nowadays, you don’t even need a video team to create a great looking video on a big screen. However, don’t count on great visuals and effects too much! Whatever it is that looks awesome on your 27’’ desktop screen, might not look that great on the screen of a phone. Make sure your concept makes sense and people can follow your idea easily.

Also, make sure you use a font large enough for all the credits and text visuals.

#2. Get straight to the point

People scroll down all the time. It’s the modern society’s habit. This means that you don’t have time to pique a viewer’s curiosity at the start and finish with a bang. No matter how tempting the idea might seem to you, it’s much better if you lead with your best features at the very start, most of your viewers won’t watch the whole video, and that’s for certain.

#3. Keep a good pace

To me, this seems like the hardest thing to do, and namely, finding the right balance between going too slow or too fast. It is certain that not everyone will stay until the end of your video, but you should do everything possible to keep them engaged as much as possible. This means that if you’re moving too slow, your visitors will get bored, but if you move too quickly, some people that get easily distracted will just not follow what’s happening, and you might lose them as well.

The real reason this is the hardest of them all is that if your app has more features, you should only pick a few (2-3) to highlight! Think like the crowd and highlight the features that are most likely to drive installs only. Trying too much will most likely confuse people, remember that!

#4. Make sure the…

Wait, didn’t I say 3 musts in the title? Yes, I did, congrats to everyone who noticed. Anyway, this is just a little something that I decided to add out of the blue while writing it. And I really don’t like to go back and make changes, I like to stick to what I said.

So, let’s call it #3.5 and what #3.5 says is that you should make sure your poster frame is laid out so that people can easily tell it’s a video. Don’t count on the autoplay, and make sure people know your video is actually a video, and not just a screenshot!

Just like I always say – people love visuals. I hope this guide helps you with creating the video that will turn your piece of code into the loving and downloadable app it is supposed to be.