Content will always play a significant role in the ranking algorithm, but keep in mind that paying for a quality content writing service doesn’t necessarily mean first page positions! However, even if you make it to the first page, if your content is not presented properly, readers won’t stay long. In most cases, it takes seconds to decide whether or not you want to read a certain page’s content, and this is why its proper presentation will lower the bounce rate and increase its ranking.

For those of you who don’t know what a bounce rate is, this is the percentage of visitors on a page who navigate away in the first seconds after visiting it.

Minimalistic design and thin content

Stuffing a page with as many keywords as possible is a bad practice. Using many keywords requires a lot of content. Heavy articles are hard to read, and keeping the tone engaging while keeping the style original is definitely challenging. Sometimes, getting straight to the point, combined with just a little bit of creativity, gives better results than keyword optimization.

A light page with a catchy design is much better than a thousand-word blog that doesn’t say anything significant worth these many words. This is why simplicity is a great solution. This is what many “professional” content writing service providers are missing.

Improving your content


  • Original Title Tags – make sure your titles are not only unique but also give the reader the right idea about the article.
  • Duplicate Content – we are not just talking about non-plagiarized articles, but these small phrases and idioms we keep using all the time. Not only may Google consider these to be duplicate content (although the tool you are using doesn’t show any plagiarism) but a demanding reader might get bored with you faster. Keep the creativity flow, and don’t allow repetitive phrases, as they show bad taste.
  • Proofreading – always revise your articles. It’s recommended to have someone else do it for you. We all make the silliest mistakes all the time, but when you are presenting your business, everything should be perfect.

Just make sure every page adds value to your website. You should rewrite or remove everything else. Keep it simple if you have to. Yes, optimization matters and SEO writing is something else, but always remember, your content is there for your human visitors in the first place. If you need quality content writing services, you can always turn to us.