In my last blog article, I talked about the importance of new or updated content. It is only natural to continue with evergreen content and its importance for your website. I understand how this might be confusing as in one post I talked about the importance of a regular content creation, and now I’ll try and convince you of the importance of the evergreen content. Stay on this page, and soon, everything will get clearer.

First, let’s talk about what evergreen content is

I believe everyone knows what “evergreen” is. In the context of the SEO industry, evergreen content is a search-optimized content that is continuously relevant and stays fresh for a long period of time.

Evergreen examples and common formats

  • Tips
  • How-to articles
  • Product reviews

How-to articles will always remain one of the most common evergreen pieces of content. At certain points in their lives, people will search “how to tie a tie” or “how to change a tire.” Yes, fashion trends may change and we may start using flying automobiles that don’t need tires at all, but I don’t see this happening anytime soon. In other words, this “evergreen” content may not be that green in a thousand years, but I’ll come back to this later.

Why creating evergreen content is important?

First, your evergreen content creation strategy should contain some of the high-profile keywords you are trying to rank. If your evergreen article did good at ranking, you can just keep on creating fresh content just to keep your head above the water while the evergreen content will sit idle for a long time, which will give you time to rank for other keywords and draw a wider audience to your website.

Evergreen content is also good for your link building. Choose a common topic such as SEO strategies and then link to other articles that focus on link building, content writing services, keyword research, etc… The evergreen content can be the core of your internal link building system, which is good for your ranking.

For how long will the evergreen content stay green?

I can’t give you an exact answer, but let’s get back to the “how to tie a tie” and “how to change a tire” examples. Think about for how long these will be relevant and generate searches. Very long. Just like the golden karaoke hits, these are the golden how-to topics on the Internet.

Not every article can be topical for that long, but this is the best thing about web articles…

You can edit your evergreen content, making it more topical than ever!

And this is where things start to make more sense. Yes, fresh content is important, search engines see that your website is alive and kicking, but the search engines also love in-depth evergreen content that was written years ago and still generates searches. In other words, we can agree that an evergreen content should always classify as a fresh content, regardless of the time when it was written.

In conclusion, every website needs some evergreen content, which should be updated when necessary. I hope you found this evergreen article helpful, and if you have any questions or comments, I’ll see them in the section below!