As a business owner or entrepreneur, it is common for you to always try to stay ahead of the game and do more with your brand. You may find yourself trying to take advantage of new tools related to productivity or saving money. It is possible for you to hire writers to develop the content on your website. One thing that you shouldn’t avoid as a business professional is being active on social media platforms like Instagram. In fact, the number of active social media users per month worldwide is supposed to reach 3.2 billion by 2021!

If you have established that Instagram is an effective social media platform for your business or brand, it is time to evaluate your account.

Instagram Account Options

Choose from Personal, Business, and now Creator

When Instagram was first created, everyone had a Personal account. It didn’t matter if you were a business or an individual posting daily food pics, you had no other choice than to have a Personal account setting.

Later, Instagram expanded and offered Business profiles in order to give entrepreneurs and businesses access to helpful tools like insights on their account, the opportunity to promote content, direct message features, and more!

Now, they have taken a step further after realizing that influencers play a huge part in their platform. They created a Creator account option. This account is quite similar to the Business one, but it gives you the opportunity to view exclusive features and analytics. Some of the things that are highlighted on this kind of account are the Flexible Profile Controls, Simplified Messaging, and More Growth Tools.

Flexible Profile Controls

Control how you will be contacted

Those who choose to use this kind of account are probably interested in filtering the messages they receive and where they receive them. Instagram’s new Creator account gives you the option to display only your preferred contact method on your profile.

With this, it means that you can spend more time engaging on the platform with those you want to interact with rather than worrying about the messages that don’t interest you.

Simplified Messaging

Take back your inbox

Instagram users – whether they are businesses, influencers, or regular people – may get questions on a daily basis coming in their inbox such as “where did you get this shirt?” or “how much do you charge for your artwork?”

With Simplified Messaging, you can filter your Direct Messages and prioritize the ones you receive from your friends, brands, or the public. You can also rank them by time or relevance so that you don’t miss anything important.

More Growth Tools

Designed with analytics in mind

As an entrepreneur or business, you may hire writers to improve the analytics of your website, but the analytics of your Instagram account is also crucial. Instagram acted on the fact that many people with Business accounts found it difficult to track creator engagement and follower growth over time. This is something that is improved with the Creator account on Instagram.

There will also be the option to use Instagram’s Desktop Publishing Feature and Creator Studio to track analytics and metrics. These profiles will also have the ability to access their follow and unfollow data from within the app which is crucial for users because they can see what is and isn’t working with their follower base.

Is the Switch to a Creator Account Worth It?

Instagram Creator vs. Instagram Business profiles

Instagram’s Creator account is designed to help profiles with a larger following base, but it can also be useful for those who are just getting started due to the detailed analytics. Something that the Business account has that the Creator one doesn’t is the ability to use third-party analytics tools and scheduling like Hootsuite. That is because the Creator accounts are not supported by Instagram’s API.

The Business account on Instagram labels you as whatever it is that you are on your connected Facebook page. With the Creator account, you will have more flexibility to choose your label or brand. This is your opportunity to truly and accurately represent yourself on social media.

If you are interested in having more access to data, metrics, and have the opportunity to control your messages and contact information, the Creator account is right for you. If you are likely to hire writers and improve your website content, make sure you utilize the link in your Instagram profile to direct your follower base to your site!