5 Bad Blog Writing Practices

I’ve been into blogging for quite some time and during my experience, I picked some habits. Some bad and some good. I believe I’ve shared enough good practices and examples over the years and in today’s blog article I’ll talk about…

Bad Blog Practices

I was obsessed with improving my skills as a website content writer and I didn’t really put much thought that I might have some bad habits. Sometimes improving your skills means to get rid of bad habits. In this post, I’ll talk about some of the bad practices I’ve picked and used before realizing they are not beneficial and some bad habits I saw in other bloggers.

#1. Shameless bragging and aggressive promoting


“Order Now or Call Us Today for the BEST BLOG WRITING SERVICES”

Making your blog posts overly promotional is one of the greatest ways to turn off your readers. This is a blog after all. Focusing on educational content is a much better strategy.

#2. Boring/over creative headlines


“Blogging is like jogging – you want results, you’ve got to keep it consistent!”

Okay, that was actually a good one…

The headline’s purpose is to grab attention. This is why one should always exclude boring headlines from the successful blog writing formula. What I was doing wrong knowing this, was coming up with over creative headlines. “The Rick James of Blogging” might seem like a super creative title, especially if you’ve seen Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories and without a doubt, this should be an attention-grabbing title but, honestly, it’s just another cheesy title that will probably disappoint all the random clicks generated by Rick James fans.

#3 Not revising your text


Nobody likes the silly Miss Take

I am the kind of person that always gives people a chance (especially fellow website content writers), but if I see too many grammar/spelling mistakes, I would think twice before finishing even the most amazing idea of a blog. Always have somebody to proofread your article before publishing or make sure you find yourself an easy distraction after finish writing your blog and carefully revise your own text.

Blog Writing - Not Revising Your Text

Sorry, Miss Take, you have no place in my blog post. 

#4 Disable comments and link sharing


Always encourage feedback and engage readers! 

I’ve had moments, back in the day, when I felt insecure about my writings and just uploaded something for the sake of uploading. This made me disable comments sometimes, and I’ve seen plenty of blog sections without social media share buttons. Don’t be afraid of critics, don’t limit commentary, learn from them. Besides, I’ve worked with content editors, revising every single text I write and I was getting positive feedback when I expected it less.

#5 Paying too much attention to the “experts” in your comment section


Learning how to handle criticism is key… 

I know I sound a bit contradictory considering my last “don’t limit commentary” statement but the trick is not to pay too much attention to the so-called experts criticizing you. You should always consider constructive critics, but nobody except you is an expert on your wiring. There will be people who love your style and others who don’t.

That being said, I’m just a nobody who has no right in teaching you how to write blogs. Well, I hope this article makes sense, and if you agree or disagree with something, I would be happy to discuss it with you in the comment section below.